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Turbo Air Charge Hose Failure:

On the late model 3.0L CRD Sprinter engine, there is a chronic problem with turbo air charge hose failures. The most common failure point is on the drive’s side where the hose connects to the air charge pipe just down stream from the turbo resonator although the same failure can occur with the passenger side hose. Because of engine vibrations and expansion/contraction from turbo boost pressures, the hose is abraded by the sharp internal edge of the factory metal connector. The hose eventually splits open causing turbo boost pressure loss which results in power loss and Limp Home Mode (LHM). Oil naturally collects around the inside of the metal air charge hose connector which softens the hose and exacerbates the problem.

We have great news for late model Sprinter owners that will be experiencing turbo air charge hose failures. As authorized dealers for Riordanco, the same folks who brought you the Sprinter Turbo Resonator Eliminator™, we are happy to announce a new product, the Turbo Hose Adapter™. As we mentioned, the turbo air charge hose splits at the factory metal connector. It is apparent that this is a chronic problem since once again Dodge asked The James Riordan Company to create a fix. The repair is a new direct fit adapter connector that replaces the factory metal connector which is where the hose splits. You remove the factory connector retaining clip and lower the hose (taking the hose completely off the vehicle is the easiest way to do the repair), cut the hose where the split occurs and remove the factory metal connector, transfer the factory o-ring on to the Turbo Hose Adapter™, install the Turbo Hose Adapter™ into the air charge pipe and install the factory retaining clip, make sure there is no debris in the air charge hose and clamp the hose on the Turbo Hose Adapter™ with the supplied hose clamp (if removed from vehicle, install hose to intercooler fitting and clamp). Very simple!! The adapter’s design features a rounded edge that will prevent hose chaffing and failure. We can guarantee you this; it’s not if your air charge hose will fail, it’s when will it fail!! The Turbo Hose Adapter™ is now available for immediate delivery at only $89.95 each plus shipping which is about half the cost of replacing the hose. The adapter fits both the passenger and the driver’s side hoses with the driver’s side failure being the most common. Below is a recent note from a customer:

“I just blew another one 10 days ago. This was my 3rd replacement. 2 were done via the dealer under warranty and I did one myself while on the road since I carry extra hoses.

With that said, the dealer is now threatening that they probably won’t cover the next hose replacement because “there is NOTHING WRONG with the design and blowing hoses is extremely rare”, quoting that there were only 220 hose replacements in all of North America!! Oh, well… I’m just super glad that there is a fix for it now :)”John S. Seattle 2008 Navion

The Turbo Hose Adapter™ for the 07 and newer Sprinter is now available for immediate delivery at for $89.95 each plus shipping
The Turbo Hose Adapter™ for the 02-06 Sprinter is now available for immediate delivery at for $89.95 each plus shipping

Split caused by the factory hose connecter


Turbo Hose Adapter™ compared to factory connecter


Oil Filter Wrench: We offer steel oil filter wrenches for both the 02-06 and 07 and new models. Part is laser cut for a precise fit. Now available for $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

Turbo Resonator Eliminator™: Eliminate the possibility of going into “Limp Mode” when you least expect it, in the middle of nowhere! Replace your factory turbo resonator with the Turbo Resonator Eliminator™ and avoid an untimely break down. Available now for $139.95 plus shipping and handling.

Got RSN? RSN, or “rumble strip noise” as many describe it, is a common problem with the Sprinter. It is a buzzing noise along with a vibration that occurs when shifting into higher gears at slower speeds and RPMs. We have developed a Transmission Cross Member Brace Kit to dramatically reduce the problem and improve shifting. Now available for $89.95 plus shipping and handling.

As we have long suspected, RSN is resonance caused by torsional vibrations. It radiates from the rear engine support, which we prefer to call the transmission cross member mount. This mount is stamped steel and only .114″ or 2.85mm thick. For lack of a better description, it is stamped in an upside down U shape. It is mounted in the vehicle in this “upside down” position with the transmission tail housing mounted on top of it. The transmission’s torsional vibration and “shudder” during shifting causes the transmission cross member mount to vibrate and resonate. You can feel the vibrations in the chassis and hear the resonance as a metallic buzz similar to an exhaust vibration noise. The factory vibration dampener is not sufficient to take care of RSN. In my estimation, the gauge of metal used in the transmission cross member mount is not adequate. In addition, the isolation mount between the transmission tail shaft and the cross member mount is rather wimpy which adds to the vibration and resonance.

We have developed a brace to strengthen the transmission cross member mount. Installation is very simple and requires drilling two 5/16″/8mm holes. The brace does not eliminate RSN but does dramatically reduce the noise, vibrations and frequency of occurrence. It also creates a more positive shift because the brace allows the torque to be transferred into shifting rather than vibrating the chassis. RSN should not be confused with transmission shudder, which occurs during shifting at higher speeds. Our transmission brace will not correct transmission shudder problems.Wheel Mounting Kit: Make rotating or mounting tires easier! Ever tried lifting your wheel up to the hub to align holes for the lug bolts? You’ve probably even tried leaving the tire standing upright on the ground while slightly raising or lowering the vehicle to hopefully get just the right height to align the holes. With our

Wheel Mounting Kit, just insert the two temporary studs in two of the lug bolt holes and lift your wheel up and in place. The studs hold the wheel in place and steady while you install the lug bolts! Available now for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

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