Sprinter 4x4 Van Off-road Large Cellphone Handlebar Mount Claw

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Sprinter 4x4 Van Off-Road IOS or Larger Cellphone Handlebar Mount Claw

Is this made for off-road bikes and other, maybe motorized vehicles that off-road as well?
The thought process used to develop this product was probably for bikes, most urban mobility scooters, Segways, or electric mobility devices that have handlebars. However, the claw that holds the device to the handlebar can be used on just about any surface that is circular in nature. Obviously, you will want to test this before putting your cellphone on the mount and testing if the mount will damage the surface in question.

Is that a problem with these mounts? Do they tend to damage surfaces they are used on?
No, it does not occur often and we have not heard of it happening either. Yet, it is still smart to test to make sure you will not be the first.

How big of phone does this product fit?
We were told that it fits an iPhone 8+ well. If your phone is close to that size then there is a high possibility that it will fit yours as well.

Any idea how small of a phone this will fit?
We were told by the manufacturer that this can fit things as small as an iPhone 6+.

Sprinter Cellphone Mount Clamp In Use

What is this mount made of? I'm pretty hard on my mounts especially if they are strapped to my mountain bike.
The mount is made up of 5052 aluminum alloy metal. It was designed for off-road use and should be able to take some damage you might sustain through normal use.

It looks like that piece on the back can come off. In fact, it looks like you could, at least, loosen it with the dial looking thing back there. What can you tell me about it?
The area you are looking at actually does come off. It is meant to give you more customization options.

It looks sturdy. Does it absorb bumps well?
Yes. It was made to withstand a decent amount of shock and/or vibration.

Wait, you talked about customizations... How does removing that part allow you to customize anything other than allowing you to remove certain aspects of the mount?
Good question. You can actually get different mounts which are also compatible with this mount.

mob armor claw mount f2

So you mention that it can fit different sizes of phones. How does it do that?
There is another twist lock above the one for your handlebar that will allow you to adjust to the size of your phone if your phone is between the ranges we listed above.

It looks like it can swivel. If it can swivel then how many degrees of swivel do I have if I get this product?
The device was made to swivel 360 degrees.

How big or small can that clamp open or close?
It can close to .25" or 6.4mm. It can open to 2" or 50.8mm. Keep in mind that this is the bar mount accessory.

Am I going to be able to switch between mounts quickly and easily?
Unfortunately, probably not is the answer. The manufacturer says that it will take a screwdriver and wrench to move between mounts effectively.

Is that a closed-cell type of neoprene?
Correct. The manufacturer made the decision to use a closed-cell neoprene.

What does that even mean and why should I care?
Closed-cell neoprene resists water and oil better than open-cell types of neoprene. If you are looking to be outdoors where the weather might get wet or the trails get dirty then you probably want this on your side.

Do you have technical information on the precise fitment of this product?
The manufacturer says that the mount will fit devices that have the following dimensions: 4.4"-7.2" H x 2.42"-3.4" W x 0.638" D (111.8mm-183.9mm H x 61.5mm-86.4mm W x 16.2mm D).