Sprinter Van Roof Rack for 144" Wheel Base Made of Aluminium

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Roof Rack for a Sprinter With a 144" Wheel Base Made of Aluminium

What is this roof rack made of?

The roof rack is made of Aluminum.

If it is aluminum then it must have some sort of ability to resist rusting? Is that correct?

Yes. You are correct. The fact that it is aluminum means that it does resist water damage better than other types of metals. A fact you will appreciate as you travel around in your own Sprinter.

I'd like to get as much gas mileage as possible without worrying about the effect wind drag is having on my van because of a roof rack. What can you tell me about the aerodynamics of this thing?

The roof rack was designed with aerodynamics in mind. You will have a tough time finding another roof rack that has put this much thought into how you will use it and what your needs are when you drive.

What else makes this one so special?

It has front and back deflectors which means that the airflow is controlled much better than other models and some of the elements that would normally hit your cargo while inside your roof rack will not get through.

The roof rack looks pretty stable and strong. What can you tell me about that look? Is it just looks or is it really something that lives up to the hype?

The tube is made of 1 1/4' aluminum. It is aircraft grade aluminum.

What about the flooring?

We were told this is slat flooring.

What kind of mount does this have?

It is a track mount.