Sprinter Van Bamboo Folding Gear Drying Rack

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Sprinter Van Bamboo Folding Gear Drying Rack
This is an interesting product. It seems like those tabby things could go back into their slots so that it can sit flush. Is that true or am I making things up?
You are actually correct about that fact. They do fold up and they are flat when in their little cubbies or holes. You still get the bamboo finish which gives your vehicle that bamboo finish accent.
So... I can use my slider door without having to worry about breaking one of these then? Assuming that I remember to fold them up, correct?
Yes. The manufacturer says that you should be able to fold them up and not have them inhibit your ability to open or close your Sprinter door unless you forget to make the product sit flush against the Sprinter's wall.
Are these some kind of fancy coat rack? I mean, they look nice and all, but I don't understand what the usage is for them?
That is correct for the most part. They are officially called, "drying racks", however, you can hang whatever you like on them as long as the product is strong enough to hold it. We do not have official weight restrictions on what these can and cannot hold. We have only seen clothes, outer garments, and unloaded backpacks on them, but there is no reason you could not use them for something else as long as the hooks can handle the load.
I know they say this is a drying rack, but this is a bamboo product which means that it is a wood product. Isn't it going to get warped or moldy or something?
A very good question. Bamboo tends to be more water-resistant than other types of wood products and it tends to resist molding better than other products, however, it is a wood-based product which means that it does have its limits. However, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the product stands up to moisture.
Is this made for warm or cold weather? Snow or swimming or whatever, you know?
It is actually made for both. You can dry your shorts from being in the ocean or you can dry your gear after being in the snow. It is all up to you.