Sprinter Van Chip Tuner Diesel Horse Power Increaser Module ®

Diesel Power
Diesel Power
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About Diesel Power:

Diesel optimization has under gone major transformations over the years. The recent advent of digital technology has produced the Diesel Power® DIGI series of plug and play tuning modules. Depending on the module required for your vehicle, gain 20% to 30% more horsepower and torque. In addition to more power, our initial tests indicate up to 3% better highway fuel economy. Overall drive-ability and responsiveness is improved especially on vehicles with automatic transmissions. Turbo lag is reduced and that burst of speed you need for a sudden lane change is there.

Sprinter Van Chip Tuner Diesel Horse Power Increaser Module ®
**Currently these are not compatible on 2019 and newer VS30 Sprinters.
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans. Please select your vehicle from the drop-down menu.
Increase your Sprinter's Horsepower and Torque with this Dual Channel Power Module.
Please note that this product will not allow you to overcome your speed governor.
Satisfaction Guarantee: Tuning modules have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. That is 30 days from the assumed delivery date. After the 30 days, the tuning modules are subject to a 30% restocking fee.


    • Increase your Sprinter Van's torque by 20%


    • Increase your Sprinter Van's horsepower by 20%


    • Increase your Sprinter Van's gas mileage.


    • Manufacturer: DIESEL POWER® and MultiMotion®


    • All devices have e1 approval and are also compatible with Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines.


    • Only 64 MHz processors with aerospace and military quality are used.


    • It was specifically designed to optimize the latest Euro 6 petrol and diesel injection systems to ensure an optimum quality standard.


    • Cerftified in accordance with international road traffic legislation in line with DIN ISO 9001 guarantees consistently high quality.




Please feel free to call us at 503-427-2270 if you have any questions about the Diesel Power Module.
View a customer review of the Diesel Power Module below:

NOTE: 2016 models are split so you will receive an MB-B harness and an MB-3.0 harness.
\The unused harness is to be returned after installation. (self stamped envelope provided)




  • 5
    Customer review

    Posted by mike on Aug 20, 2019

    installed module on our 2008 sprinter Navion motorhome w/42k miles. Increase in power & torque were immediately noticeable on 1st drive after install,made it fun to drive. Can't comment on any increase in MPG yet, but power increase alone was well worth the cost of module. Install was fairly easy, only 4 plug-ins. Getting access to them is the only problem, take your time & and you will be able to do it.

  • 5
    Customer review

    Posted by vze4fhfn on Apr 05, 2019

    Installed the Power Module on a 2015 Sprinter 3500 Motor Home. I didn't know what to expect from this product, but I am very please. As stated in the product description the low end torque is very noticeable, and I also noticed a slight increase in MPG. After installing the Module I headed to the mountains. What an improvement! Getting up to speed on the interstate is no longer an issue either. All of the modules plug ends were correct out of the box. Neither of the plug ends had to be modified. The instructions were easy to follow. The only negative comment about the instructions would be that I wish the pictures would have been zoomed in farther to show more clearly the connector locations. It was difficult to understand clearly what the instructions were describing. Once the air cleaner assembly is removed, getting to the fuel rail plug is not a problem. It is much easier to make this connection then it is the EGR sensor connection. I did find the EGR plug difficult to remove and re-install. Limited space and location is the problem. Because of its location the plug release was difficult to find and release. Once determining that the plug release tab was on the left side of the plug, the removal and installation became more manageable