Sprinter Van Double Side Aluminum Ladder Max Roof Rack

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Double Side Max Rack Sprinter Van Aluminum Ladder Rack- Part No. AEN-6007-BWHD-0381

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Watch the full video of the ladder rack in action. You will be surprised at the speed and ingenuity of the ladder rack. Click here to jump to the video.

What is this ladder rack made of?
The ladder rack is made of aluminum.

What are the benefits of it being made of aluminum?
It will resist corrosion better than other types of metals. It also adds less weight to your Sprinter which, of course, means you can bring more with you when you go places.

Does it have a warranty?
It does have a warranty. The warranty is a manufacturer warranty. We will not be servicing the warranty ourselves.

Is that lever that man pulling using some kind of hydraulic system?
Yes. It is a hydraulic piston. You can operate the ladder system with only one hand.

Can I install this inside my Sprinter, don't ask, I have my reasons.
We would not recommend it. The rack was only meant for the outside of Sprinter vans.

What is the weight capacity of the system... Basically, how big of a ladder can I use?
The official weight capacity is 200 lbs.

I store my ladder in my Sprinter because it is a work vehicle. However, I can see the usability of having it stored on the outside. I could use the room. Is it a good fit for someone like me?
Yes, it is a great fit, especially if you have to work alone at times. Lessening the toll the job takes on your body is always a great thing. If you are alone then being able to use one hand to get your ladder down off the top of your Sprinter is a plus.

I've gotten more than my fair share of dents and scratches from jury-rigging ladders to my Sprinter. Is this going to stop that from happening to me?
It will help you prevent those injuries to your Sprinter. It will keep it nice and secure where it will not bounce around as much as before.

Any other things I should keep in mind?
Yes. The quickness with which you can get your ladder down is also a savings on time. If you want to get faster at what you are doing and take less of a toll on your body while you are doing it then you should consider this ladder rack.