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Sprinter Van Electric Step Running Board Automatic

$1,524.95 - $1,649.95
ALXO-44 inch or 35 inch
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About ALEX ORIGINAL: Alex Original was established in 1959 and is one of the leading automotive air-conditioning & transport refrigeration manufactures with worldwide reputation. In our R&D department, the heart and the brain of our company, our engineers and craftsmen plan and develop innovations for a wide range of products. All our products comply with European Union regulations. Over the decades the pioneering spirit of ALEX ORIGINAL developed a large number of technical innovations, that were of major importance to the world automotive industry.

Automatic Electric Step For Sprinter Van - 2007 - Present
Mercedes Dodge Freightliner Sprinter Van Electric step Suited for Professionals and heavy commuter traffic. Our new and improve
The electric step is Only 47mm thick – more road clearance.
The Step moves out and returns automatically by opening/closing door with a smooth and silent function
(takes only about 2 seconds to move in and out). Electronic device retracts the step when encounters an obstacle.
The step retracts automatically if vehicle moves with step out. Control lamp indicates “step out”.
The step and guides made of stainless steel and anti-slip board to prevent slipping.
Conforms to EG and UNITED NATION Regulations. Winter- and Snow proof.
Electric Sliding Doors and Steps-This line of products improves the life of passengers and drivers.
The innovative concept takes you into a new area of safety, comfort and security.
The Electric sliding door for delivery vans is time saving and efficient. Remote controlled it makes the job of the driver
much easier.

The Electric step ensures safe and easy stepping in and out of the vehicle especially important for seniors and children.
The step slides automatically in and out, when closing/opening the vehicle's door.
Electrically Operated Front Right Door and "Sliding Door" make passenger's life extremely comfortable and safe.
The driver can operate both doors from his seat.
This electrical system is the key to meet time schedules, where every minute counts.
Maintenance free-easy installation.