Sprinter Van Led H7 Headlight Conversion Kit | Set Of 2

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Sprinter Van LED H7 Headlight Conversion Kit | Set of 2
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans. This includes the 2500, 3500, 4500, and the Sprinter 4x4.

Do you know exactly how many headlights I am getting in this package?

The kit includes two headlights that correspond to your drivers and passenger sides of your vehicle. Please know that this is 2 headlights and not 2 kits. 2 kits would be four headlights.

I see a decoder comes with this item. What does that mean? Why would I need a decoder for my headlights?

What a decoder refers to in this case is an item that will store energy and release it at a rate which the lightbulb can use. It is an electrical capacitor to make things short. It helps the headlight conform with standards set forth for headlights in specific regions of the world where the item meets legal standards for use. We recommend checking your region's laws before purchasing any lights.
In simple terms, a decoder extends the life of your lightbulb by storing a large amount of energy and releasing it slowly, rather than all at once.

So you said this helps it conform with standards like other headlights. How does that work?

The decoder is what makes the LED light behave in a way that is similar to other normal lights. LED lights have a low power draw so the electricity needs to be managed so that it will conform to current vehicle standards.

What can I expect as far as the warranty relates to this item? How long is it?

The LED light you are looking at here has a 2-year guarantee.

I know that LED lights usually have more than a few functions. What are the functions that this one can do?

The LED lights you are looking at here have a dual high and low function. Perfect for many situations you might find yourself in when traveling around.

I've heard a lot about conversations about light "throw". Could you comment on that? What does it mean and why should I care?

Generally, people talk about the beam of light and how much diffusion it has when used. Diffusion means the cone of light it outputs when being used. The larger the diffusion the more area is covered but the beam is not as bright especially on the edges of the cone of light. The LED lights you see here are designed to mimic the use of halogen lights. You get a low power draw light that has the same usage as other halogen lights but more efficient.

Wait, wait. You say they mimic other lights but I've heard LED lights are bright. How does it compensate for that?

It has a built-in anti-glare component. A lot of thought has been put into these lights so that they will not blind other drivers.

All electronics have heat and I'm worried this thing is going to get hot. Is that a real concern?

The LED light has an aluminum heat sink designed to manage heat build-up.

What if I'm in a place where it is really hot.... is that heat sink going to help me even if it's hot already?

The manufacturer says that this light will function for no less than 10,000 hours in 25 degree Celsius weather or 77-degree Fahrenheit weather. We do not have any data over that number. However, we have heard no reports of the lights malfunctioning under larger amounts of external heat as of yet. Although, it is still possible but we have not heard of it.

I have an LED light but it has a fan. The fan makes a lot of noise and I hate it. Does this thing use a fan too?

The light does not have a fan. It relies on the heat sink. It should be much quieter than your current headlight.

Where can I mount this light?

Most people use this as a headlight. However, other applications we have heard of are a headlamp, a daytime running light, and sometimes as part of their fog light or lights.

So, I could submerge this thing, right?

Most things are water resistant but not waterproof. Avoid long exposures to water if possible.

Do you have the official voltage numbers of this item?

The manufacturer has told us the voltage of this LED light has the following designations: 12V to 24V and the wattage is 32W.

I'm not mechanically inclined... Is this easy to install?

The manufacturer tells us this is a "plug and play" installation. They have said it is very easy to do.

Could you remind me how many I get in this kit?

The kit includes two LED lights also known as one pair. It is enough if you decide to mount them has your headlights or enough for your driver and passenger side.

Decoder Included,Decoder NOT Included


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    Customer review

    Posted by Tim on 26th Feb 2020

    The fit of the bulb is awesome compared to other companies. The problem is the Decoder doesn't cancel check bulb warnings on the dashboard. Mercedes says that there has to be a constant draw on power, and the LED Decoders don't work well. Hence I need to cancel warning all the time. Sounds like there needs to be a little more R&D.