Sprinter Van Train Horn With Onboard Air System (Powerful Big Rig Train Horn Sound - 152dB) Wolo

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Sprinter Van Wolo Big Rig Air Horn

This product is compatible with all 12-volt vehicles.

Which vehicles are compatible with this product?

This product is compatible with all 12-volt vehicles.

Which Sprinter Vans are included in that? Are they all 12-volt vehicles?

Yes, all Sprinter Vans are 12-volt vehicles.

Who manufactured this air horn?

This air horn is manufactured by Wolo.

So this replaces my factory horn? That means it is better than the factory horn, correct?

Yes! Your assumption is correct. According to the manufacturer, this air horn produces 152 decibels which is on par with most of the truckers on the road.

Do you guys have any instructions on how I can install this airhorn myself?

Yes, we do.

How many decibels does this horn have?

This horn has 152 decibels.

Horn Specifications:

  • Compatible with all 12-volt vehicles

  • L 16-1/2 in. x W 14-3/4 in. x H 11 in.

  • Electric solenoid: 12 volts / 250 milliamps

  • Horn construction: All metal, base - painted enamel, trumpets - chrome plated

  • Horn output with 90/110 psi: 152 decibels

  • Mounting hardware: Stainless steel

  • 307/347/440 Hz – Low Range

  • Air fittings: Brass

Compressor Specifications:

  • Duty-cycle: 33% @ 100 psi CFM: 2.55

  • L 10-1/4 in. x W 3-1/2 in. x H 6-1/2 in.

  • Current: 21-amp

  • Voltage: 12-volts

  • Oil-less maintenance free

  • Pump has washable air filter

  • Permanent magnet motor that is gearless with
    thermo protection

Tank Specifications:

  • Built in pressure switch: On 80 /off 110 psi

  • Safety pressure relief valve

  • Petcock water drain

  • Tank size: L 17-1/4 in. x W 6-1/2 in. x H 8-1/4 in.

  • Tank capacity: 2.5 gallon

  • Pressure gauge

  • Size compressor mount on tank: L 17-1/4 in. x W 6-1/2 in. x H 15-1/2 in.