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2007-2023 Sprinter Van Window Airvents - Overland Screens
These Overland Screens Window Airvents are compatible with all Sprinter Vans made after 2019. This includes the 2020 Sprinter Van.

The price shown is for 2 Overland Screens Window Airvents!
Compatibility: All Mercedes Sprinter Vans made 2007-Present. (2500, 3500, and 4500)
Manufacturer: Overland Screens
Material: 3D printed using UV resistant PETG
Fitment: Driver and Passenger side front cab windows

Which Sprinter vans will these airvents fit?
The airvents will fit all Mercedes Sprinter Vans made after 2019.

What are these airvents made of?

The 2019 Sprinter Van airvents are 3D printed using UV resistant PETG which is a durable copolyester and constructed with stainless steel hinge hardware.

Will this screen let bugs into my vehicle?
These 2019 Sprinter airvent window inserts are built with a small insect screen to ensure better protection from no-see-ums, gnats, sand flies and other small insects.

How do you install these Sprinter Van airvents?
You roll down your window and then you place the product in the window track. All you have to do after that is roll up your window.

Ideally, I'd like one of these for both of my windows. Could you tell me if I am buying one or two of these for this price?
You will get two of these airvents when you get this product. You will get one for your driver's side and one for your passenger side. You will also receive two carrying cases to make storing them simple.
Who manufactured these window airvents?
These airvents are made by Overland Screens in Oregon, USA.