Sprinter Van Wolo Wireless Wizard Remote

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Sprinter Van Wolo Wireless Wizard Remote
This product is compatible with all 12-volt vehicles. Yes, your Van is a 12-volt vehicle.
Can I use this to operate other accessories? Or is it just for the air horn?
According to our manufacturer, this remote allows the user to control any 12-volt accessory.
Will this remote interfere with any of my other remote control systems?
The Wireless Wizard has its own coded transmitter to prevent interference with similar remote control systems.
What kind of battery powers this remote?
The Wireless Wizard remote is powered by a 23a type battery.
Does that battery come with this remote? Or will I have to supply it myself?
The 23a type battery does indeed come with the Wireless Wizard, you do not need to worry about supplying it yourself.
How does this remote work exactly?
The remote’s push-button will illuminate blue when pressed; alerting the user that coded RF signal is being transmitted to the receiver to turn on.
Which vehicles are compatible with this remote?
This remote is compatible with all 12-volt vehicles. The majority of vehicles on the marketplace right now are indeed 12-volts.
What is the range of this remote?
This remote has a range of up to 40 feet.

  • Remote range: 40ft

  • Remote battery: type 23A / 12-volt

  • Current load: 30-amp

  • Compatible with all 12-volt vehicles