SprinterFest 2011


The 6th Annual NW SprinterFest was another great success!! The day was overcast but dry with the temperature just right. There were about 40-45 Sprinters (lost count) and about 80 people (to many to count and unfortunately not everyone registered). The food was great, grilled jumbo prawns, scallops wrapped in bacon, grilled veggies, brats, salads, Italian meat balls, fruits and my favorite Costco chocolate chip cookies. Someone brought a wonderful cream cheese cake while others brought their special and yummy homemade cookies and date bread!! There were owner built conversions galore. Some as close as you can get to a home on wheels while others were in their preliminary stages. BTW, Graphite Dave’s conversion is coming right along and is awesome! Sprinter owners from as far as Montana came to share their ideas, which is what makes these events so wonderful.