Superwinch EXP S102733 - 8000 Capacity - Wire Rope

SW - EXP - 8000 Wire WInch
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Superwinch EXP S102733 - 8000 Capacity - Wire Rope


I didn't see it immediately mentioned so I thought I would ask. What model is this specifically?


What kind of housing does this make use of?

It uses a centered integrated solenoid housing. The S logo over the drum is where it is located.

What kind of clutch does this have? I have heard that some will clutch for you.

Yes. You are in luck. The product you are looking at will auto-engage the clutch. You only have to tap your controller and your winch goes into gear. You do not have to walk back to your winch.

I see that the video to the right mentions an advanced seal for electronics. What can you tell me about that?

The IP rating is IP69. It means that it is protected from sprays and splashes from all directions. It is a very high rating that means that your winch is pretty well protected against the elements. In fact, IP69 is listed against "steam jet cleaning". The 6 has to do with solids and the 9 has to do with liquids. The 6 means that it is dust tight and protected from contact. You can read more about the ratings by clicking here. Superwinch took lessons it learned from creating products for the US military and brought them back to their consumer products.

What other special things should I know about?

The remote will vibrate if the unit is overheating or if there is an amp draw that could be dangerous. The LED lights will also turn to a flashing red and then to bright LED lights. You can also make the remote wireless if you chose to upgrade.

Speaking of lighting... I work at night. Is there special stuff for me too?

Yes. The system has blue lights that indicate sockets and power ports.

What is the rated line pull of the rope?

It is 8,000 lbs.

What is the number in kgs?

The number in kgs is 3630.

What is the part number of this thing?

The part number we have on file for this item is S102733.

I'd like to know the gear ratio of this winch. Do you have it?

Sure. The gear ratio is 154:29:1.

How about the motor... What can you tell me about it?

It is a series wound motor.

Are the electric controls gonna be ok if I accidentally, maybe on purpose, get my vehicle into some water?

The electric controls are fully expedition grade potted solenoid/contractor. It means that they should withstand the water just fine as the IP69 rating does extend to the electric controls.

What about the geartrain, what do we know about that?

The geartrain is 3-stage planetary geartrain.

What's so special about the brake?

The brake has a custom load holding gearbox end.

What about the rope? Is it synthetic?

No. The rope is a 100' wire rope that is not a synthetic rope.

What can you tell me about the fairlead?

The fairlead or hawse is a high strength roller fairlead.

What about the battery lead?

The battery leads are 72" x 2 gauge. It is 1.83km if you need to know that measurement.

Can I mount accessories on this thing?

Yes. It includes Picatinny rails on which you can mount just about anything you want.

What is the drum diameter/length of this winch?

It is 63.4mm(tube) (flange 6.25') 218.5mm flange to flange.

What about the mounting bolt pattern?

10" x 4.5".