T1N Conversion

Sprinter t1n-conversion-07

All parts used in this conversion are OEM parts. Some components of the front brake system along with the power steering rack and sway bar are transferred from your Sprinter’s stock sub-frame. The process also includes dismantling the transmission to install a new main case and an extension housing which facilitates mounting the transfer case directly to the transmission. In addition, the power steering rack gets a minor overhaul and the fuel tank gets replaced. As you can see, the conversion process is extensive. For this reason, it will only performed at our location. Kits will not be available for sale “over the counter”.

Before & After:

The Sprinter 4×4 conversion provides excellent performance on and off road. On road, the handling is outstanding and virtually identical to a standard 2wd Sprinter. You do sit 3″ higher so your driving perspective is definitely different. It still has that nice positive Sprinter steering and handling feel. It is not ‘darty’ nor does it wander while driving down the road. Noise level is only slightly higher and the turning radius is slightly reduced due to the front wheel drive gear train. Off road, the 4×4 Sprinter is sure-footed and will go pretty much anywhere you ask it!! Steep hill 5 diamond hard-core off road- probably not- but pretty much everywhere else is a sure bet!.