TankTechsRx RV Toilet/Septic Tank Cleaner | 1L/68 Treatments

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TankTechsRx RV Toilet/Septic Tank Cleaner | 1L/68 Treatments

  • Size: 1L (Good for 68 treatments)

  • Easy to use on Black, Gray, and Galley Tanks

  • Just a small amount is sufficient for a single treatment of any tank size as TankTechsRx is made with live microorganisms that multiply, liquefying and consuming waste, and eliminating odor by destroying harmful bacteria.

  • Proven to not harm your tank or the environment!

What does TankTechsRx do?
This product liquefies waste and removes odors in your septic tank. Exactly what you want your treatments to do so that you have an easier time getting rid of the waste.
I sometimes encounter extreme heat (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) or cold. Am I gonna have to worry about this not working in those conditions?
Nope, no need to worry. This toilet tank cleaner was made to withstand all weather conditions.
Do I have to use a certain type of toilet paper for this product to work?
No, you do not. TankTechsRx toilet tank cleaner will work with any brand of toilet paper.
Is this product safe for the environment?
This product is indeed environmentally friendly.
Will this product wear down my septic tank if I use it frequently?
No, it will not. This product has been proven to be safe for your septic tank.
How many doses are included with this product?
This product includes up to 68 treatments.
Who manufactured this product?
This product is manufactured by TankTechsRx.
Do I need a specific septic tank for this product to work?
No, you do not. This product is compatible with all RV septic tanks.
How do I use TankTechs?
Instructions will be on the package. But, if something happened you can view them below:
Note: Shake before use. Keep out of direct sunlight. Do NOT freeze.
Step 1: First-time use - add two ounces to the tank through the toilet or sink drain, and enough water to cover the bottom of the tank.
Step 2: Use normally, remember to ALWAYS completely fill the toilet bowl with water before flushing. (Keep in mind that 90% of the time, insufficient water is the cause of odor problems.) Allow the tank to fill completely; TankTechsRx can be left for months without damping.
Step 3: When dumping, DO NOT completely empty the tank. Leave one inch of liquid in the tank to keep the mother culture alive. Note: It is no longer necessary to flush the tank with freshwater.
Step 4: Add 1/2 ounce to the remaining water in the tank and repeat from Step 2.
*Dosage is based on 2 person occupancy with average use"