Tough Guard on a Promaster

ProMaster Tough Guard 1

Can you apply Tough Guard on a Promaster?

The answer is yes. We have done it and we have the pic below to prove it. Actually, Tough Guard is a product you can apply on just about any vehicle. It will help you keep that “I just waxed this finish” on your vehicle for much longer than conventional wax. Less work for longer lasting results? If you are anything like us then you will take that deal all day.

I’ve heard that this product has a high threshold for heat. Is that true?

Yes. It is true. It is partly why this product lasts so long. The threshold, according to the manufacturer is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is highly unlikely it will melt off your vehicle unless you are subjecting it to some very extreme environments.

ProMaster Tough Guard 2 - Keith

Why does it stick on so well?

We were told that the product forms a bond with the paint and metal surfaces of your vehicle. It creates something they call a nano-thin barrier that does not allow debris, mud, water, and other things from the road that would normally become a problem. It makes them less likely to stick to your vehicle.

Wait, is it harmful to my vehicle then?

No. Eventually, it will come off the vehicle but you might not have the vehicle by that time, not because of the product but because you may have upgraded to something else. The product lasts for 5 years in most cases. However, it will be protected all that time. However, if it really bothers you then you can check the MSDS sheets available by clicking here and here.

ProMaster Tough Guard 4

I just read this and it seems like this would be a good thing to keep away from my kids and my dog.

Yes. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to any chemicals.

Is it bad for the environment then?

If you consider how it saves you from using harmful chemicals over and over and washing them off your vehicle into a drain or using up water to wash your vehicle then the answer would be no. You would be doing more for the environment over time than if you used some other commercially sold washing agents for your vehicle.

ProMaster Tough Guard 5

I heard this can help with my gas mileage and it can reduce my carbon emissions… How is that possible?

Again, this is a build up over time. If you have less drag due to dirt and other things on your vehicle then over time that will build up to be a less overall usage of gas when you are driving. It is not an immediate benefit or even, possibly, one that you will notice but it will be there.

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