Mercedes Metris 4pc Chrome Door Handle Cover Set

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MERCEDES VITO METRIS W447 Chrome Door Handle Cover S.Steel 4 Door Keyless

Not yet confirmed to fit the 2019 version of the Sprinter van. The manufacturer says that this part will fit but we have not been able to test this thus far.
oc handles v1 f1

What is this handle made out of?
It is made out of stainless steel.

Is there a specific type of stainless steel used to make this thing?
Yes. It is made up of 304 stainless steel.

What makes 304 stainless steel something I should care about anyway?
It has high amounts of chromium and nickel which give it the ability to resist corrosion very well when compared to other types of steel.

Why didn't they use 316 metal?
Affordability is one issue. If they used the 316 stainless steel then it would cost more to produce and sell to you as a consumer. It also would be overkill as most things produced with 316 stainless steel are meant for marine use. In other words, they are usually in contact with water all the time. You are not likely to have that problem most of the time.

These are... Covers for my already installed door handles?
Correct. They are not replacements for your current handles. They are covers for them.
metris door handle with adhesive v1 f1

Do I need to drill to install them on my vehicle?
Fortunately, that is not the case with these covers. They come with adhesive on the back that you use to put on the covers.

Is there a temperature thing that I need to install this thing at? I know that a lot of other adhesive-based stuff has a specific temperature the product has to . does this?
Yes. They recommend installing this item at a temperature of 64 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If it not that temperature then they recommend you use a hair dryer to get the surface of the adhesive to the right temperature. If my not stick as well if you do not take this step according to the manufacturer.

Is this is a single or double sided tape?
Officially, it is a double-sided tape.

How soon can I wash my van after using this product?
You should wait two hours before washing your van after you have installed these handles on your vehicle.