Mounting Instruction For Seat Swivel Ford Transit 2014+

Art.-Nr.: 3386002 (center turning)

  1. Pull out the ignition key. Unplug the cable from the belt pre-tensioner (at the buckle) on the pedestal. (Attention: only plug in the ignition key again when the cable is re-connected, otherwise it may cause a malfunction in the airbag system.) A check engine lamp and SRS lamp may come on. 
  2. Unbolt the original seat from the seat pedestal. (4 bolts)
  3. Place the seat swivel onto the original pedestal with the handle side to the front.  Twist the upper plate until the 6 mounting holes in the bottom plate are visible. Install the bottom plate with enclosed 4 Allen countersunk bolts M8x16 (Part 1) on the seat pedestal. Torque to proper specifications.
  4. Place the seat on the swivel and reinstall the hardware that held the seat on the pedestal.
  5. Move the seat several times back and forth and then tighten all the screws to the specified torque.

The maximum torque for all screw is 37Nm (27Ft lbs).