2019 and Newer Sprinter Seat Swivel Installation Instructions

2019 and Newer Sprinter Seat Swivel Installation Instructions

Passenger & Driver Seat Swivel Install: (see hand brake adapter section below before installing driver swivel)

  • Remove the key from your ignition and disconnect the negative engine battery cable.
  • Disconnect the seat wiring under the seat. Make sure the battery is disconnected.
  • Unbolt the seat rails from the seat base using an E12 Torx socket. Set aside the 4 bolts they will be reused. Remove the seat and set it aside while you install the swivel adapter.
  • Loosen the 4 bolts holding the seat base to the floor. of your Sprinter. This will aid in lining up the swivel adapter with the seat base.
  • Place the swivel on the seat pedestal with the release handle toward the front of the Sprinter. Install both. 

Note: Driver and Passenger side swivels are different, so check the part numbers for correct location. Center swivel points are offset toward the middle of your van. The handle is on the top and faces forward.

Install one rear bolt mounting the swivel to the seat base reusing the original Torx head bolt. Install finger tight. Next install the front bolt on the same side finger tight. Move to the other side and repeat. You will need to rotate the swivel to access the bolt locations. Tighten all bolts gradually to 20 pounds and retighten the bolts mounting the seat base to the floor.

Place seat on swivel and install both rear factory seat mount bolts finger tight using the provided M10 x 25mm bolts. Move the seat back and install both front bolts. Tighten all bolts to 20 pounds.

Reconnect seat wiring. Test seat operation and swivel operation.

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Drivers Seat Swivel & Hand Brake Adapter Install:

  • The driver’s side installation requires relocating the handbrake assembly to a lower position. It is easiest to do this without the seat and swivel installed. Remove the handbrake cover by pulling out on the center of the cover. This will pull a small plastic retaining clip out of the metal handbrake assembly, see figures 7 on pages 3 and 4.   Separate the brake handle cover and remove, figures 8. Using
  • a 13mm socket or wrench, remove the two mounting bolts, figure 9. Using a 5mm Hex wrench or socket, install the 2 shorter taper head bolts and relocation bracket, figure 10. The bracket is mounted with threaded holes down so the handbrake assembly will sit lower. If the bracket bolts do not align with the threaded holes in the factory mounting bracket, you may need to drill out the tapered holes of the relocating bracket.
  • Using the two factory 13mm bolts, install the handbrake assembly to the relocation bracket installed in the prior step. A lock and spacing washer may be needed if mount bolts bottom out against the factory mount bracket. Be careful to avoid cross threading the factory mounting bolts. If the bolts will not thread, you may need to remove the handbrake assembly and die grind the handbrake assembly mounting holes to fit.
  • Install brake handle cover. Trimming of the cover may be required to fit the lower brake position. The brake cable attached to the handbrake assembly will bow out due to lowering the handbrake assembly.
  • If you push the cable down through the floor, you will displace the body grommet sealing the brake cable. If you lubricate the cable with a Teflon lube and gently work the cable, you will be able to relieve tension on the brake cable without disturbing the body grommet. After reorienting the handbrake assembly, you will need to adjust the brake cables.
  • Release the handbrake. Locate the handbrake adjustment assembly under the vehicle just in front of the rear axle, figure 11. Using a 13mm socket and short extension, loosen the two mounting
  • bolts, figure 12. Move the housing toward the rear of the vehicle taking slack out of the cable, figure 13, and tighten bolts. To adjust the rear set of brake cables, use two 13mm wrenches and loosen set and adjustment nuts, figure 14. Turn adjusting nut clockwise 4-5 turns and tighten set nut. Set handbrake and release to ensure cables are not binding. Make sure the vehicle will easily roll when in neutral with the handbrake off. Readjust if needed.
  • Place swivel on pedestal and mark a circle through the swivel bolt hole and onto grey foam
  • pedestal cover, figure 6. Remove swivel and the grey foam cover. Make a cut from the seat wiring hole to the center of the circle made in

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