2013+ ProMaster Van DRIFTR Ladder - Robust, Easy-Access Rooftop Ladder Solution

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Elevate your 2013 or newer Ram ProMaster experience with our latest DRIFTR series ladder, expertly crafted for seamless integration with the DRIFTR series roof rack. This ladder is a game-changer for van owners, offering unmatched ease and safety for rooftop access.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit: Specifically designed to bolt directly to the DRIFTR series roof rack, ensuring a secure and stable attachment.
  • Unparalleled Step Design: Boasts the deepest and flattest steps on the market, allowing for a comfortable, barefoot-friendly climb.
  • Enhanced Safety: Each step features special notches at the ends, providing added traction in muddy or wet conditions, ensuring a safer ascent and descent.
  • Compatibility: Tailored for 2013-current Ram ProMaster vans, fitting both the 159 and 159 EXT lengths perfectly.

This ladder is the ideal addition for ProMaster van enthusiasts seeking a combination of comfort, safety, and convenience in their vehicle's rooftop access.


Mounting Guide:

  1. Initial Assembly: Begin by loosely assembling the ladder.
  2. Choosing Location: Select an appropriate spot for mounting, preferably on the side opposite the van’s sliding door.
  3. Positioning: With the help of a friend, hold the ladder against the van. Step back to visualize and ensure it looks right, then mark the drilling points at the top of the ladder on the roof rack’s side, and underneath the van on the pinch weld.
  4. Alignment: Ensure the ladder is properly straight and aligned before proceeding.
  5. Drilling: Drill into the marked spots on the DRIFTR rack and the pinch weld at the van's bottom.
  6. Securing the Ladder: Attach and tighten bolts at both the top and bottom of the ladder.
  7. Adjusting Distance: Set the desired distance from the van by adjusting the middle section of the ladder inwards or outwards, then secure the four bolts on each side.
  8. Final Check: Ensure all bolts are tightly fastened for safety and stability.

Follow these steps for a secure, aesthetically pleasing, and functional installation of your DRIFTR ladder on your van.