2015-2023 Ford Transit Nerf Bars | Fit 130"/148" WB | Premium Side Steps Accessory

$1,500.00 - $1,645.00
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Elevate the accessibility and safeguarding of your expedition vehicles, particularly lifted 4x4s like the Ford Transit, with our premium Aluminum Nerf Bars, meticulously crafted for enhanced durability and precise fit. These nerf bars streamline the process of entering and exiting your van, especially ones with a high ground clearance, making them indispensable for owners of such specialized vehicles.

Constructed with high-quality, lightweight aluminum, these bars don’t compromise the vehicle’s ground clearance or overburden its suspension but act as a robust shield against potential impacts, like errant shopping carts. Whether your priority is convenient accessibility or enhanced protection, our nerf bars, available for both the driver and passenger sides, have you covered.

Notable Features:

  • Enhanced Accessibility & Protection: Serve as a dual-purpose solution to ease access and shield against unexpected external impacts.
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy: Crafted to provide essential functions without straining the vehicle’s suspension.
  • Specialized Design: Specifically developed as side steps for improved accessibility and are not intended as rock sliders.

This product stands out as a practical and stylish addition for any Ford Transit owner looking to combine functionality with protective features, making vehicle access simpler and more secure than ever.