2019-2023 Mercedes Sprinter Rear Door Modular Base & Bike Rack Unit

$1,500.00 - $1,875.00
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2019-2023 Mercedes Sprinter Rear Door Modular Storage Rack

Optimize your Mercedes Sprinter's storage capabilities with our hinge-mounted rear door rack – the foundation for a customizable storage system. Designed for maximum efficiency and easy installation, this rack allows you to expand storage according to your specific needs.

Primary Features:

  • Versatile Base: The initial setup to incorporate additional components like the BackPack plate, vertical/horizontal bike racks, or storage boxes.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Directly utilizes factory bolts. No drilling ensures the integrity of your van door.
  • Dynamic Load: Can bear up to 200 lbs. when the weight is evenly distributed.
  • Built to Last: Boasts a textured black powder-coated finish for durability.
  • No Hinge Swapping: Designed to seamlessly fit with both 180 and 270-degree hinges.
  • Safety Features: Comes with a limiting strap and is compatible with backup sensors.
  • Added Support: Includes 8-inch support posts for box mounting.


  • Suitable for both low and high roof Sprinter configurations.
  • Perfect fit for Mercedes 2019-23 Sprinter, 2019-23 Revel, and 2019-23 Storyteller models.

Maximize Your Bike Storage: Tired of bikes cluttering your van's interior? Upgrade your storage game with our dedicated Aluminess bike rack, specifically designed to provide a no-drill solution for your Sprinter. Depending on your requirements, our setup can easily accommodate multiple mounted bikes. This ensures your two-wheelers are stored securely, freeing up vital space within your van.

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