2019+ Mercedes Sprinter Advanced Rear Bumper - Excluding 144 Dually Models

$1,995.00 - $4,150.00
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Introducing the all-new Aluminess Slimline Rear Bumper for the 2019 Sprinter. Thoughtfully redesigned from its predecessor, this bumper now seamlessly replaces the van's standard plastic bumper, offering significantly improved ground clearance and a sturdier swing arm structure. Ideal for Mercedes Sprinter enthusiasts who transform their vehicles into motorhomes, this bumper facilitates external storage, perfect for generators, camping stoves, BBQs, and other essentials you'd rather not keep inside.

Key Highlights of the Slimline Rear Bumper:

  • Enhanced Ground Clearance: Designed for greater clearance, ensuring easier off-road navigation.
  • Versatile Storage Solutions: Optimally crafted for external storage, ideal for spare tires and other gear, freeing up space beneath the vehicle for additional fuel or water storage.
  • Three Configurations: Tailored to suit your unique adventure needs.


  • Standard Swing Arm Weight Limit: 100 pounds.
  • Bike Rack Swing Arm Weight Limit: 200 pounds.
  • Towing Capacity: 7500 pounds.
  • Tongue Weight: 750 pounds (Note: weight of items in the Aluminess storage box impacts this limit).
  • Maximum Tire Size: 33 inches.

Additional Information:

  • Displayed products are for illustrative purposes only – boxes, lights, and other accessories are separate from the standard bumper price.
  • Exclusively designed for Sprinter vans, excluding 144 Wheel Base Dually Vans.
  • Please be aware, vans with exhausts extending beyond the rear pinch weld may require exhaust adjustments for a proper fit. This issue is commonly observed in 2016+ passenger vans.
  • Sensor holes can be added upon request, but back up sensors may become non-functional. However, compatibility with the blind spot assist remains unaffected.

Opt for the Aluminess Slimline Rear Bumper – where innovation meets utility, designed specifically for the modern-day adventurer.


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