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2019+ Mercedes Sprinter Van Squadron Pro FPK Baja Designs

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The Mercedes Sprinter is a beloved van, known for its versatility and practicality. To make your Sprinter even more capable and adventure-ready, Baja Designs offers a range of Squadron Fog Pocket Kits. These kits are designed to keep you safe on the road while also providing exceptional daytime visibility. Whether you need extra lighting while exploring trails or want to ensure road safety during your daily drives, Baja Designs has you covered with their top-tier lighting solutions.

Baja Designs' Squadron Pro kits are perfect for those seeking additional trail illumination. With LEDs that boast an impressive lifespan of nearly 50,000 hours and surpass mil-spec testing standards for reliability, you can trust that these kits are built to perform. Plus, Baja Designs stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty, giving you the peace of mind you need for your adventures.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Kit Selection: Choose from a range of Baja Designs Squadron Fog Pocket Kits to suit your adventure needs, whether it's trail exploration or daily driving.
  • Exceptional Lighting Performance: Baja Designs' Squadron Pro kits provide outstanding illumination for extended nighttime adventures.
  • Broad Vehicle Compatibility: These kits are designed to fit a variety of 2019-2024 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models, ensuring seamless integration with your van.

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