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Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate (2013-2023 Transit): Rear Axle Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers

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Elevate your vehicle's performance with LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE. This adjustable air spring kit is designed specifically for leaf-sprung vehicles, ensuring the smoothest ride, even under heavy loads.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimal Ride Comfort: Features an internal jounce bumper that absorbs shocks, ensuring a smooth ride on rough terrains and eliminating harsh jarring.

  • Heavy-Duty Load Leveling: Achieve up to 5,000 lbs. of rear load leveling capacity. Keep your vehicle stable, level, and comfortable, whether loaded or unloaded.

  • Fully Adjustable: Customize your ride with air springs adjustable from 5-100 PSI. No more sagging or bottoming out when towing or hauling heavy loads.

  • Maintenance-Free & Durable: These air springs are designed to last. Plus, with the ability to safely run at zero air pressure due to the internal jounce bumper, they’re hassle-free.

  • Efficient Installation: Get set up in less than 2 hours. No drilling into the frame required.

Exclusive Features:

  • Internal Jounce Bumper: An Air Lift exclusive, the closed-cell urethane foam bumper within the ULTIMATE air springs acts as a cushion, enhancing shock absorption and adding an extra layer of protection.

  • Replaces Factory Bumper: No worries if your factory jounce bumper was removed; the LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE takes its place seamlessly.

For vehicles with leaf springs, the LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE provides unparalleled stability, load leveling, and comfort. Tow, haul, and journey with confidence.