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AM Auto OE-Style Sliding Glass for Mercedes Sprinter Vans - Passenger's Sliding Door - NVC3 & VS30

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AM Auto Sliding Glass Window: The Epitome of Luxury & Privacy for the Modern Van Life Adventurer

Dive deep into the van life trend with utmost elegance and discretion, thanks to AM Auto's superior privacy sliding glass window. Beyond its primary function, this window represents the pinnacle of intricate engineering and supreme material choice, all meticulously molded to champion your private moments on the go. Its exceptional UV filtering efficiency stands out, permitting only 17% UV penetration, which translates to a vivid, undistorted view while ensuring optimal protection from the sun's harmful rays. Whether amidst the urban jungle or nature's tranquil embrace, your vehicle becomes a haven of peace, cocooned from inquisitive glances and the sun's intensity.

Distinctive Features of AM Auto's Premium Sliding Glass Window for Mercedes Sprinter:

  • Perfect Compatibility: Precisely designed for Mercedes Sprinter (High Roof / Low Roof Models) on the Passenger Side Sliding Door, guaranteeing a flawless fit and finish.

  • Proactive UV Shielding: Furnished with a 17% UV filtration, it goes beyond clarity, actively safeguarding your health against harmful ultraviolet exposure.

  • Enduring Excellence: Made with elite materials, this window pledges steadfast resilience against a myriad of environmental challenges, retaining its pristine condition.

  • Effortless Integration: The Direct-Fit specification ensures an uncomplicated installation, elevating both the practical and aesthetic facets of your van.

  • Chic Shade & Craftsmanship: The Solar Privacy Glass hue doesn't just ensure discretion; it accentuates the luxe aura of your mobile sanctuary.

  • Dimensional Details:

    • Full Window Dimensions: 1405mm (55.31")W x 771mm (30.35")H for a polished look.
    • Sliding Aperture Specs: 495mm (19.5")W x 447mm (17.5")H, combining functionality with style.

Elevate your journey with the seamless fusion of design, innovation, and opulence in AM Auto's Sliding Glass Window. Roam the terrains with assurance, wrapped in unparalleled luxury and safety.


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