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AM Auto OE-Style Sliding Glass for ProMaster Vans - Passenger's Rear Quarter 136"

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Experience enhanced privacy and pristine clarity with AM Auto's signature privacy glass window, the ultimate accessory for today's evolving van life culture. As the nomadic lifestyle sees a surge, AM Auto emerges as the beacon for those seeking the ideal vehicular window that perfectly marries discretion with crystal-clear views.

Crafted with meticulous precision and using superior materials, this window isn't merely a functional piece but an embodiment of avant-garde engineering. It champions road privacy, thanks to its stellar UV filtration capability, which impressively restricts 83% of UV rays. This not only ensures utmost protection against harmful sun exposure but also maintains the vividness of your external vistas. Be it the vibrancy of a city or the serene lapses of nature, find solace inside your van, protected from inquisitive glances and sun damage.

Essential Features of AM Auto's Sliding Glass Window:

  • Perfect Integration: Exclusively designed for Ram ProMaster (High Roof/Low Roof Models), promising a tailor-made fit.
  • UV Shield: Armed with a 17% UV filtration system, it actively shields against the sun, making it a top choice for health and comfort.
  • Robust Build: Crafted using elite materials, it's built to withstand diverse weather conditions with ease.

Additional Specs:

  • Placement: Passenger Side Rear Quarter (136)
  • Color Palette: Solar Privacy Glass
  • UV Rating: Firm at 17%
  • Dimensions: A generous 1542mm x 583mm (60.71" x 22.95")

Elevate your van life experience by opting for AM Auto's privacy glass window. It's more than just a window; it's a statement of style, safety, and sophistication. Make the smart choice today.


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