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AM Auto OE-Style Sliding Glass Universal Fit - Passeger's Half-Slider w/Screen 580x200

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Experience panoramic views and ensure your privacy on-the-go with AM Auto’s premium van bunk window. Meticulously designed, this window integrates cutting-edge solar privacy glass, ensuring you stay connected with the picturesque vistas outside even when you're nestled inside your vehicle. Moreover, its superior light reflection properties ensure that your vehicle's interiors remain a private oasis, safe from intrusive gazes.

Highlight Features of AM Auto’s Van Bunk Window:

  • Optimal Solar Privacy: The specialized solar privacy tint is your key to cherishing the external world without sacrificing your cherished privacy. Dive into immersive scenic views while staying cloaked from the outside.

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you own a vintage van or a modern marvel, our bunk window’s adaptable design promises a snug fit for virtually every van model, epitomizing versatility.

  • Shield Against UV Rays: With a commendable 17% UV filtration rate, this window isn’t just a view enhancer; it’s your protective shield against the detrimental effects of the sun's UV rays.

  • Seamless Installation Experience: Bid farewell to cumbersome installations. Our bunk window's user-centric design ensures you can set it up with utmost ease, getting you road-ready faster.

  • Precision in Dimensions: Tailored for perfection, the Bunk Window comes with Outer Dimensions of 22.84" x 7.87" and Cut-Out Dimensions of 21" x 6", ensuring an impeccable integration with your van.

Dive into a transcendent journey enriched with unparalleled views and assured privacy with AM Auto's Van Bunk Window. It’s more than just a window; it’s your passport to uninterrupted serene moments, backed with the promise of safety and style. Your next adventure awaits!


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