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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for High Roof Ford Transit Vans - Driver's Rear Cargo Door

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Elevate your van life experience with AM Auto's expertly crafted privacy glass window, tailored specifically for the contemporary nomad. As the van life movement surges, the need for a perfect balance between privacy and unobstructed views has become essential. AM Auto answers this with a professional-grade window that embodies meticulous engineering and superior materials.

Key Features of AM Auto's Solid Glass Window:

  1. Optimized for Ford Transit Vans: Precision-engineered for a perfect fit, ensuring easy integration with Ford Transit van models, both high and medium roof variants.

  2. Advanced UV Protection: With a remarkable 17% UV filtration, this window not only maintains the vibrancy of your interiors but also protects you from harmful sun exposure.

  3. Uncompromised Durability: Crafted with resilience in mind, it stands tall against various weather conditions, guaranteeing longevity.

  4. Enhanced Privacy, Clear Vision: Its solar privacy glass tint ensures you stay shielded from curious eyes while still enjoying clear external views.

  5. Exact Dimensions: Designed to fit precisely, with measurements of 798mm (31.42")W x 831mm (32.72")H, ensuring a snug fit for the Driver Side Rear Cargo Door.

Venture out confidently, knowing that with AM Auto's privacy glass window, your sanctuary on wheels remains private, protected, and always ready for the next adventure.


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