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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for Low Roof Ford Transit Vans - Passenger's Cargo Door (Rear)

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Experience Premium Van Living with AM Auto’s Solar Privacy Glass Window

The ascent of van life brings forth the need for privacy without compromising the beauty of the open road. Dive into AM Auto's elite privacy glass window - not just any window, but a testament to progressive engineering and first-class materials. Crafted to ensure you revel in undisturbed moments on the go.

With its stellar UV filtration mechanism, our window permits a mere 17% of UV rays, ensuring you remain shielded from the sun's harsh effects while preserving the authenticity of your outside view. From city streets to tranquil nature spots, bask in your personal space, confident in your protection from unwanted gazes and the sun’s detrimental rays.

Distinguishing Features of AM Auto's Premium Glass Window:

  • Optimized for Ford Transit: Specifically sculpted for Ford Transit vans, it integrates flawlessly on the Passenger Side Cargo Door (Rear 40%).

  • Supreme UV Defense: A commendable 17% UV filtration secures your skin from adverse UV effects, all while maintaining a crystal-clear exterior vista.

  • Enduring Craftsmanship: Manufactured using elite materials, our window withstands diverse environmental challenges, guaranteeing durability.

  • Solar Privacy Tint for Added Seclusion: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the tint fortifies the vehicle's privacy, ensuring a serene interior ambiance.

  • Precision Measurements for Perfect Fitting: With dimensions of 649mm (25.55")W x 558mm (21.97")H, this window is set to seamlessly nestle into your van, reinforcing its UV protection stance.

Elevate your van journey with AM Auto's top-tier privacy glass window. It's more than a window—it's your gateway to a serene, protected, and premium van living experience.


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