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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for Mercedes Sprinter Vans - Driver/Passenger's Middle/Rear Quarter 158" - T1N

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AM Auto Privacy Glass Window: The Ultimate Fusion of Privacy & Clarity for Modern Van Life

Journey into the heart of the van life renaissance with AM Auto's premium privacy glass window—a harmonious blend of visual purity and unparalleled privacy. Far beyond an ordinary window, this masterpiece captures the pinnacle of intricate engineering and supreme materials, tailored to champion your privacy on the road. With a standout UV filtration mechanism, it curtails UV penetration to a mere 17%, guaranteeing an immaculate view outside while delivering uncompromised protection. From vibrant urban settings to tranquil natural landscapes, savor every moment within your sanctuary, cocooned from intrusive glances and the sun’s detrimental embrace.

Distinctive Features of AM Auto’s Privacy Glass Window for Mercedes Sprinter:

  • Customized Design: Masterfully crafted for Mercedes Sprinter (High Roof / Low Roof Models), ensuring an impeccable fit for both Passenger and Driver Side Middle and Rear Quarter (158).

  • Superior UV Defense: Comes equipped with a 17% UV filtration rate, serving as a potent shield against harmful ultraviolet exposure—a testament to mindful living.

  • Enduring Build: Fashioned with elite-grade materials, this window guarantees lasting durability against diverse environmental challenges.

  • Flawless Alignment: The Direct-Fit design ensures a snug and seamless fit, enhancing the aesthetics of your mobile haven.

  • Elegant Tint: The Solar Privacy Glass tint not only promises privacy but adds a sophisticated flair to your vehicular exterior.

  • Precision Dimensions: Expertly sized at 1338mm (52.68")W x 634mm (24.96")H for a perfect fit without compromises.

Embark on your van adventures with AM Auto's Privacy Glass Window—where innovation meets unrivaled quality. Revel in the beauty of the world, wrapped in discretion and elegance.


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