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AM Auto MSOSF6001-P OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for Mercedes Sprinter Vans - Driver's Forward - T1N

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AM Auto's Elite Privacy Glass Window for Mercedes Sprinter: Transform Your Van Life Adventure

Step into the future of van life with AM Auto's impeccable privacy glass window, the epitome of sophisticated engineering and premium-quality materials. More than a mere window, this masterpiece epitomizes the confluence of clarity and privacy, tailored to offer an unrivaled road experience.

Its superior UV filtration prowess stands out, effectively blocking 83% of UV radiation. This not only ensures your safety from harmful sun effects but also guarantees an untainted external vista. Whether you're basking in a vibrant urban backdrop or ensconced within nature's lap, savor every moment with the assurance of both privacy and solar defense.

Distinguished Features of AM Auto's Mercedes Sprinter Solid Glass Window:

  • Precision Compatibility: Custom-crafted exclusively for Mercedes Sprinter models, both High Roof and Low Roof, ensuring an impeccable fit and aesthetics.

  • Optimal UV Defense: With a 17% UV transmission rate, it offers optimal protection against sun damage, accentuating health and comfort.

  • Enduring Design: Carved from elite materials, the window promises longevity and resistance against diverse weather challenges.

  • Strategic Placement: Specifically designed for the Driver Side Forward, catering to the unique needs of that position.

  • Stylish Hue: The Solar Privacy Glass exudes a sophisticated allure, seamlessly combining elegance with functional privacy.

  • Exact Dimensions: Precisely measured at 1087mm (42.8")W x 634mm (24.96")H for a flawless fit.

Elevate your van life journey with AM Auto's Solid Glass Window, a product where innovation meets luxury, ensuring every road trip is an experience in opulence and safety.


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