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AM Auto Sliding Van Window Ford Transit Connect First Passenger Side Half-Slider Glass With Sliding Door Long

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Ford Transit Connect Passenger Side Slider Van Window - Half-Slider for 120.6" WB

Enhance your 2014+ Ford Transit Connect with the AMA Half-Slider Privacy Glass Window, specifically designed for the 120.6" wheelbase model. This innovative window combines style, privacy, and functionality, perfect for those seeking both ventilation and a sleek appearance.

  • Perfect Fit for 120.6" WB Models: Tailored exclusively for the Ford Transit Connect Long Wheel Base (120.6"), ensuring a snug fit for the passenger side sliding door.
  • Solar Privacy Glass: Features a privacy tint with a 17% UV rating, significantly reducing visibility into the van while protecting passengers and the interior from harmful UV rays.
  • Measurements: The window measures 1189mm (46.81")W x 523mm (20.59")H, precisely engineered to fit OEM body stampings and utilize the factory cut-hole, offering a direct-fit installation.
  • Half-Slider Design: Provides excellent ventilation with its non-screened slider opening, combining the benefits of open-air comfort with the sleekness of a modern, screen-less look.
  • Installation Type: Urethane bonded for a secure, weatherproof seal that ensures durability and resistance to the elements over time.
  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Produced using the latest design processes and manufactured in China by one of the largest glass manufacturers globally, ensuring top-tier quality and safety standards.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 6-month manufacturer warranty, offering peace of mind and confidence in the durability and quality of your investment.

Upgrade your Ford Transit Connect with the AMA Ford Transit Connect Half-Slider Window, designed to blend seamlessly with the van's factory lines while offering the practical benefits of improved ventilation, privacy, and UV protection.

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