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Amp Automatic Custom-Built Running Boards Override Switch

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Elevate your driving experience with the precision-engineered Manual Override Switch, custom-built for AMP Research POWERSTEP. This transformative accessory grants users unparalleled control, allowing for effortless deployment or retraction of the POWERSTEP to suit individual needs, whether it be for cleaning or tackling the challenges of off-roading. The switch is a beacon of convenience, designed to integrate seamlessly with your dash and connect directly to the PowerStep controller, making manual management of your POWERSTEP's functionality a breeze. Its strategically placed 3-position toggle switch can be mounted anywhere on your pickup’s dash or center console, offering retract, automatic, and deploy options at the touch of a button. When left in the middle, it maintains the Power Step's intuitive automatic functionality.

Key Features of the Manual Override Switch for AMP Research POWERSTEP:

  • Unmatched Control: Effortlessly manage the deployment or retraction of your POWERSTEP, meeting individual needs from cleaning to off-roading adventures.
  • Convenient Installation: Features a sleek, 3-position toggle switch that integrates smoothly on your dashboard or center console.
  • Enhanced Driving Experience: Transform your journey with this sophisticated accessory, elevating the convenience and functionality of your vehicle.

Enhance your vehicle’s convenience and adaptability with this sophisticated addition, and command your POWERSTEP with precision and ease.


About AMP Research

Based in Tustin, California, AMP RESEARCH is a pioneering force in the automotive industry, renowned for our innovative and transformative accessories for cars, light trucks, and SUVs. Founded in 1980, we've been enhancing the functionality and utility of vehicles through our “Innovation In Motion™," becoming the go-to provider of advanced power articulating running boards, versatile bed steps, bed extenders, and more. Holding over 45 US and International patents, we stand as a symbol of American ingenuity, offering products that are synonymous with quality, innovation, and sophisticated design, designed to elevate your vehicle’s performance and appearance.

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