Do you Fix ProMasters and Transits?

Do you Fix ProMasters and Transits?

Posted by Marketing on Jul 17, 2018

Everyone knows we love Sprinter Vans. We talk about them. We post news about them. We sell parts for them and we do all types of installs on them. But does that mean that we do not love other vans too? The answer is no. We love them too. You may not know this but we do sell parts for ProMasters and Transits on the site. In fact, unless you are really studious, if you own a Sprinter then you probably are not reading this unless you own a ProMaster or Transit as well. There are a few of you out there and we want you to know we have your back too. You can get the same service as you would on your ProMaster or Transit as you would your Sprinter for the most part. We are talking about the quality of service and parts. Stuff we provide to Sprinters but we have always provided, albeit, maybe secretly to ProMaster and Transits as well.

Need an oil change, then we have the expertise you would expect from a group of people who work constantly on Sprinters, ProMastsers, and Transits. Need something else? It is highly likely we have done it and see it before while working on a vehicle like yours or the Sprinter version. You trust your ProMaster or Transit to get you to where you are going safely. You should trust your repairs to a group of people who know what they are doing so that all you have to worry about when you are out on your next adventure is how much fun you are going to have instead of if your vehicle is going to break down.


What phone number do I use?

You can use the same phone number you have always been calling: 503-427-2270.

Can I stop in to visit?

Yes, you can. You can visit our physical location at 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062.

Google Maps says that building is, "Upscale Automotive". Is that correct?

Upscale Automotive is one of our sister companies and is in the same building as we are located. You can visit either one of these companies at that address.

Can you handle oil changes and larger installs or fixes?

Correct. We have a menu of things we can do for you. It is best to call and ask about the service that you need.