Cargo Liner VanTread for 2006-2019 Sprinter with 170" EXTENDED Wheelbase

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Elevate and safeguard your van's interior with our cutting-edge TPO Composite Surface, meticulously crafted to deliver unmatched durability and comfort. Engineered to seamlessly fit beneath side and rear door scuff plates, this innovative surface offers exceptional slip and skid resistance, ensuring a secure footing for users during daily use. The 1/2 inch foam backing provides a plush layer of comfort, making it the perfect choice for professionals who spend extended hours working in their vans. Designed with a knee-friendly layout, it ensures a comfortable workspace, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity. The surface is precisely die-cut and molded to fit your specific van model, simplifying installation while serving as a reliable heat and noise insulator. Moreover, its impressive stain-resistant properties and resistance to harsh chemicals guarantee the long-lasting protection of your van's interior.

Key Features:

  1. Outstanding Durability: Engineered to withstand harsh chemicals and resist stains, the TPO composite surface ensures the longevity of your van's interior protection.
  2. Enhanced Safety and Comfort: Slip and skid-resistant properties provide a secure footing, while the cushioned surface offers superior comfort and impact protection, creating a safer and more comfortable work environment.
  3. Effortless Installation: Precision die-cutting and molding streamline the installation process, with added heat and noise insulation for enhanced usability. Specifically designed for 2006-2019 Sprinter with 170" Extended Wheelbase vans, it's the ultimate choice for professionals seeking superior van interior protection and comfort.

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