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Deluxe PolyPRO3™ Mercedes Sprinter RV Van Covers - 32-35FT 125"

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Enhance the protection of your Class C Motorhome with our robust PolyPRO3™ RV covers from Classic Accessories, designed for optimal defense against the elements. This cover is meticulously crafted to offer a streamlined and strong protection, making it a standout choice for RV owners. When purchasing from Classic Accessories, rest assured, as our products are accompanied by our straightforward warranty program, ensuring your peace of mind. Experience any issues related to workmanship or materials during the warranty period? Simply file a claim on our website—it’s backed by our dedicated Customer Support Team.

This cover is specifically tailored to fit Class C Motorhomes ranging from 32' to 35' in length and 125" from ground to roof. It’s been engineered with a thick triple-ply top that serves as a shield against rain, snow, dirt, and scratches, providing comprehensive all-season protection. The adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners yield a custom-like fit, and the integrated air vents mitigate wind stress and interior moisture. To enhance convenience, zippered panels are incorporated, granting easy access to the RV doors and engine areas.

Triple-ply Top: Offers superior defense against weather conditions and external elements, ensuring the longevity of your RV’s exterior.

Adjustable Custom-like Fit: The cover is adaptable, featuring adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners for a snug fit.

Convenient Access Panels: The design includes zippered panels, allowing effortless access to doors and engine areas without removing the cover.


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