Dodge Sprinter Rear Sway Bar (2004-2006) - Premium Stability Upgrade for 2500/3500 2WD Models

$393.33 - $524.95
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Hellwig Sway Bars: Upgrade Your Vehicle Handling for Optimized Performance:

Unlock enhanced vehicle stability, superior handling, and supreme comfort with Hellwig Sway Bars, a remarkable aftermarket investment for your vehicle. Engineered to perfection, Hellwig Sway Bars provide a noticeable improvement in handling dynamics and reduce body roll, promising an unparalleled driving experience from the very first corner.

Efficient Handling Upgrade: Hellwig Sway Bars are designed to be a powerful and efficient handling upgrade to your vehicle, offering quick bolt-on installation and instant enhancement in performance. Experience immediate improvements in vehicle stability and control, making them a crucial upgrade for optimized driving experience.

Superior Performance: Crafted with solid, heat-treated chromoly, our rear sway bar is constructed to endure, offering increased stiffness for improved handling, comfort, and safety, ensuring everyday drivability even in heavy tow/haul conditions.

Precision Engineered: While most vehicles are equipped with factory-installed sway bars, they often fail to meet today’s load and tow demands. Hellwig Sway Bars feature larger than stock diameters and components that are precision-engineered to optimize handling and control, allowing for superior performance and safety.

Optimal Stability: Hellwig’s aftermarket sway bars are specifically designed to reduce body roll and improve vehicle control, providing drivers with increased safety and improved handling dynamics, making it an ideal upgrade for those looking to enhance their vehicle's performance.

Ideal for Various Driving Conditions: Whether navigating through sharp corners or towing heavy loads, Hellwig Sway Bars ensure your vehicle maintains optimal stability and performance, offering enhanced driving comfort and safety in a variety of driving conditions.


  • Quick and Easy Installation.
  • Superior Handling and Reduced Body Roll.
  • Increased Safety and Driving Comfort.
  • Engineered for Performance.
  • Solid, Heat-Treated Chromoly Construction.

For the passionate driver seeking to elevate their vehicle's performance and handling, Hellwig Sway Bars are the premium choice, offering a balance of comfort, safety, and superior handling dynamics. Invest in Hellwig Sway Bars today and experience the unparalleled driving experience!