Dometic Patrol 35L Cooler

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Dometic Patrol 35L Cooler: Extended Ice Retention for Adventurers

Prepare for your outdoor adventures with the Dometic Patrol 35L Cooler, a reliable companion designed to keep your ice frozen for days. Perfect for camping, fishing trips, or any outdoor activity where cold refreshments are a must-have, this cooler combines efficiency with durability, ensuring your items stay chilled in the most demanding environments.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Capacity: With a 35.6-litre volume, it offers ample space for your cooling needs without being overly bulky, making it ideal for medium-sized groups.
  • Advanced Insulation: Equipped with thick PU freezer insulation seals to effectively keep cold air locked in, extending the life of your ice for longer-lasting cooling power.
  • Durable Construction: Made from robust polyethylene, this cooler is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, ensuring lasting durability and reliability.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Features a large drain plug for hassle-free cleaning, maintaining hygienic conditions for your food and beverages.
  • User-Friendly Latches: Rubber latches allow for easy, single-handed opening and closing, providing quick access to your chilled items when you need them.

Additional Advantages:

  • Lightweight Design: Despite its sturdy build, the cooler is designed to be lightweight for easy transportation to and from your adventure sites.
  • Hygienic Storage: The material choice not only contributes to the cooler's durability but also ensures a clean storage environment for your consumables.
  • Versatile Utility: Whether you're heading out for a quick getaway or an extended expedition, this cooler is your perfect cooling solution for a variety of outdoor activities.

The Dometic Patrol 35L Cooler is engineered for those who demand performance and convenience in their outdoor gear. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your refreshments will stay cold and fresh, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead. Experience the outdoors with the assurance of prolonged ice retention and durability that meets the demands of your adventurous lifestyle.