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MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope: 2m, 3m, 5m, & 10m Options

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Experience Superior Vehicle Recovery with MAXTRAX Kinetic Ropes

MAXTRAX Kinetic Ropes are purpose-built to serve as the dynamic element in your vehicle recovery efforts. These specialized ropes offer a remarkable 30% elongation, generating increased kinetic power compared to traditional flat snatch straps. This enhanced elasticity ensures a smoother and safer dynamic recovery, minimizing shock loads on your vehicle and equipment.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Recovery: MAXTRAX Kinetic Ropes are designed for dynamic recoveries, utilizing their impressive 30% elongation to provide a smoother and safer operation.
  • Versatile Length: With a length designed for general versatility, these ropes offer the flexibility you need for various recovery situations.
  • Safety First: The MAXTRAX Recovery System is exclusively composed of MAXTRAX products and has not been tested with third-party brands, ensuring a reliable and secure recovery process.
  • Built-In Safety: In the event of an overload, the MAXTRAX FUSE Shackle (sold separately) is designed to act as the weakest link and the expected point of failure, enhancing safety during recoveries.

For your peace of mind and safety during any vehicle recovery, it is essential to use a MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle (sold separately) within the MAXTRAX Recovery System. Elevate your recovery game with MAXTRAX Kinetic Ropes and experience the difference in off-road performance and safety. Order yours today to ensure you're always prepared for any challenging recovery situation.