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Mercedes Sprinter Van Sliding Doorstop Kit

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Introducing the 3rd Generation Sprinter Van Intermediate Door Stop Kit - Now Available in Silver and Black

Upgrade your van experience with our versatile Intermediate Door Stop Kit, designed to fit any Sprinter van sliding door track. Available in both silver and black, this kit seamlessly matches the aesthetics of your vehicle, ensuring both functionality and style.

Universal Compatibility & Exceptional Functionality

  • Broad Model Compatibility: This door stop is compatible with a wide range of models, including Pre-2003 Sprinter vans, the latest 2019+ models, Dodge Ram ProMaster vans, Ford Transit vans, and other vehicles built on these chassis with the same sliding door mechanism.
  • Manual Doors Only: It's important to note that this kit is exclusively for vans with manual sliding doors and is not suitable for models with power sliding doors.

Enhanced Door Control

  • Mid-Way Stopping Point: The door stop can be installed in the roller track of your Sprinter van to create a convenient mid-way stopping point. This feature is invaluable for maintaining door position on inclines or when you need partial openness for privacy without sacrificing access.
  • Unhindered Door Operation: Despite its functionality, the door stop doesn't impede the full opening of the door, maintaining normal operation.

Strong, Reliable, and Easy Installation

  • Adhesion Strength: After extensive testing, we recommend using original JB Weld 2-part epoxy or an industrial-grade urethane adhesive for a robust and long-lasting bond. These adhesives ensure that the door stop stays securely in place under various conditions.
  • Kit Contents and Installation Guide: The kit includes all necessary supplies for installation. A minimal amount of JB Weld is required, which you might already have. Detailed instructions with clear pictures make the installation process straightforward and user-friendly.

Optimize Your Van with Practical Upgrades

Our Intermediate Door Stop Kit is an essential addition for Sprinter van owners seeking enhanced control and functionality of their vehicle's sliding door. Whether it's for safety, privacy, or convenience, this kit offers a simple yet effective solution.