Mercedes Sprinter Van Wheels By Method Racing In Bronze

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Bronze Method Racing Wheels for a Mercedes Sprinter Van
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans made after 2007. This includes the 2500, 3500 and 4x4 version.

What wheels are these again?
These are Method Race Wheels. They are MR701 matte bronze wheels.

What are the dimensions of this product?
The wheel itself is 17x7.5 6x130 50/6.2. Please keep in mind that this is the size of the wheel. It is not the total size of the shipping package.

I've heard that these wheels have some kind of special wheel technology that makes them able to be like bead locks. Any idea what that is?
They say that they have a bead grip technology that uses the inner and outer tire bead seat. It lets you use tire pressure close to regular bead locks.

What is the wheel bolt pattern on these wheels?
The wheel bolt pattern of this wheel is 6 x 130mm.

What color are these wheels?
The color of this wheel is bronze.

Do you have a good idea of how big the wheel width is?
The wheel width is officially listed as 7.5 inches.

Does this thing require small diameter lug nuts?
Yes. The wheel requires small diameter lug nuts.

Are there any other colors available?
There is a black version and you can find that wheel by clicking here.

What is the load rating of this item? How high is it?
The load rating is 3,640 lbs. Please note that this does not mean that you can carry an extra 3,650 lbs of weight. It only designates how much weight these wheels can hold.

Is this hub centric ring compatible?
We were told that this wheel is not hub centric ring compatible, no.

Is this bead lock functional?
We were told by the manufacturer that this product is not bead lock functional.

So there is no bead included?
Correct. There is no bead lock included with this kit.

Does this have a conical seat and if it does then what is the degree of it?
It is a 60 degree conical seat.

What is the size of the backspacing in inches?
The official number is 6.2 inches.

Are lug nuts included with this product?
No. There are no lug nuts included with this product.

What is the center bore diameter of this wheel?
The information we have tells us that the center bore diameter is 3.311 inches.

What is the wheel finish of this wheel?
It is a matte finish.

What about valve stems does it come with them?
There are no valve stems included in the package.

Do you know the center bore diameter then?
Yes. It is 84.10mm.

What is the TPMS sensor mounting style of this wheel?
The wheel has a valve stem mount.

How many of these am I getting for this price?
You are getting one of these wheels for the price listed on this page.

What is this thing made of?
It is made of Aluminum.

So this should be lighter than it looks then?
Yes. If you are used to other styles of wheels then this will probably feel significantly lighter. You also get the sturdiness and rust resistance that aluminum wheels provide.

Is this compatible with TPMS sensors?
Yes. You can use TPMS sensors with this product.

What is the wheel diameter of this product?
It is 17 inches.

Do you have any numbers about the offset?
The offset is listed as +50.00mm.

Is this a one-piece product or is it more than that?
The product is actually a one-piece product.

Do I get a center cap with this wheel?
Yes. There is a center cap included with the wheel.

Is this product heat treated?
Yes. It is a T6 heat treated product that is a one-piece cast 356 aluminum construction.

How does the center cap fit in this thing?
It is a snap-in cap for a 5 or 6 lug. There is a push through cap for an 8 lug.

What kind of finish is this, I mean what did they do to it? How do they know it's durable?
They ran this finish through salt sprays.

This looks like an 8 spoke design. Is that correct?
Yes. The product is an 8-spoke design.