2007-12 Sprinter Duallyvalves: Effortless Tire Maintenance & Enhanced Safety 3"x 1.25"

$145.00 - $165.00
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Transform Your Tire Maintenance with AccuPressure Duallyvalves!

Elevate your driving and maintenance experience with our revolutionary AccuPressure Duallyvalves, tailor-made for 2007+ Sprinters. Designed to perfection, these valves promise hassle-free tire pressure checks and inflation, eradicating the need for specialized air chucks and gauges.

Exceptional Design for Ultimate Convenience: Witness the epitome of innovation with our valves that align the inner dual valve perfectly with the outer dual, featuring a curved outer stem for swift and easy air addition. Experience convenience and precision that are unattainable with traditional rubber or braided extensions.

Robust & Reliable Construction: Built to last, our valves ensure a leak-free, secure fit, offering a matchless solution for Class B or C vehicles, specifically 3500 Sprinter Vans 2007-2012 with 16" wheels. Relish in the durability and reliability that our one-piece metal construction provides, assuring longevity and seamless performance.

Exclusive Compatibility & Precision: Exclusively compatible with Inner/Outer Dual Wheels: Steel/Steel Wheels, these meticulously crafted valves are a game-changing addition for passionate travelers and weekend warriors looking to amplify safety and convenience in their tire maintenance. Dimensions: 3" x 1.25".

Key Features:

  • Effortless Operation: Streamlines access to the valve stem, ensuring direct and pain-free tire pressure checks and inflation.
  • Secure, Leak-Free Construction: Provides an immaculate, tight fit, eliminating notorious leaks associated with braided or rubber extensions.
  • Unmatched Accessibility: Simplifies tire checks and inflation with an extended, curved design, avoiding unnecessary bending or crawling.

Experience Elevated Safety and Convenience: Enhance your journeys with our AccuPressure Duallyvalves, merging unparalleled reliability, innovation, and precision. Experience the revolution in tire maintenance, ensuring your travels are smoother, safer, and more enjoyable!