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Optimize Storage in Your 2019+ Sprinter with Fabric Rear Lower Door Stuff Bag

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Elevate your storage capabilities with our specialized Rear Lower Door Stuff Bag, exclusively crafted for the 2019+ Sprinter vans. Thoughtfully designed, it efficiently maximizes your storage capacity without compromising any usable space. Each bag, backed by premium Graphite Upholstered Panels, reflects a fusion of functionality and style. Whether it's the driver side (DS) or passenger side (PS), you have the freedom to choose, ensuring it perfectly complements your needs. Constructed from the toughest sail cloth and robust netting, longevity is guaranteed. Embrace this USA-made innovation and experience optimized storage solutions for your Sprinter van's rear doors.

Key Features:

  • Superior Material: Made from the highly resilient sail cloth paired with heavy-duty netting.
  • Customizable Options: Available for both driver and passenger sides. Sold individually to cater to diverse storage preferences.
  • Enhanced Storage: Designed to harness maximum storage potential of your rear doors. Proudly crafted in the U.S.A.