Single Roof Rail | Rack Mounts for Sprinter Van

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Please note: You should use an anti-seize compound on the bolts in order to remove them later.



The roof rack mounts will work with roof racks that look like the following images below: sprinter roof rack mount

roof rack mount 2

The roof rack mount will not work if you have holes like the following:

no roof rack




Mounting racks, solar panels or other custom-built items is not a problem. Our roof rack mounts are designed for the 07 and newer factory roof rail system. They slide in the rear of the rail track and can be moved anywhere along the rail. You can use as many as you need. The plate is 6061 Aluminum and the 1/4″ bolt, washer and Nyloc are Uncoated Aluminum so rust will not be a problem. For those that have a Fiamma F65 awning, we also have a mounting plate that extends out from underneath the awning allowing you to securely mount to the roof rail. The on-center hole spacing is designed for Yakima roof rack mounts but can be altered to use with other products.


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4 reviews for Single Roof Rail | Rack Mounts for Sprinter Van

  1. stuartlchambers (verified owner)

    I bought twice as many as I needed by mistake and was glad that I did because two of the bolts sheared off while trying to loosen the nut to adjust the position of the mount. The nuts seemed to freeze once tightened. In the end it did the job but I’m fairly sure that when I want to take the rack off that it will destroy the bolts.

  2. grodosta (verified owner)

    Used these for mounting the Thule awning brackets to the factory roof rails. Worked perfectly.

  3. c.alburn (verified owner)

    I believe that these will work perfectly—I will be installing an antenna and flag pole bracket—the only reason for downgrading to 4 stars is that any SS bolts that are used outside in the elements and which are expected to be loosened later should be assembled with anti seize compound. There should be some instructions to that effect, or there will be more complaints like one of the other reviews stated.

    • Richard

      We have added to the description in the product to suggest if the customer feels they will be changing and reusing their roof rack mount bolts to use anti seize compound. I will also look into adding to the product a tube of anti seize. Althou this is a rare occurance. Thank you for your suggestion and input we appreciate it and need it to improve our service and products. Our customers also can contact us to get replacement bolts, if they ever need. Most the time we will send them replacement bolts for free if they order something, or if they just cover shipping cost which is like 3 bucks. We have alot of customers that we have been providing them parts for their Sprinter for a while. Those bolts tend to be less then a quarter from a local hardware store as well.

  4. David

    This is my third order these roof mount clips. First for an antenna system on the Sprinter camper van, including a cellular boost system, second to mount a 9 inch PVC pipe with end caps for additional storage, and third for one side of a solar panel and a linear actuator system that raises and lowers more antennas (I am a ham radio operator) so I don’t have to worry about overpasses. So a total of 12 ordered. They performed as expected and were perfect for the jobs.

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