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SPRINTER VAN Brembo Ceramic Pads Included!

Includes 4 NEW {$1000 VALUE!} Calipers -SET of 4 Calipers

NOW AVAILABLE Sprintek VENTED—> Cross Drilled AND Slotted Rotors-


MADE IN USA ROTORS – NOT IMPORTS These are MADE WITH AMERICAN METALS AND SWEAT! (BREMBO ROTORS are available, they are not available in crossed drilled and slotted. The USA made ones are better.

Please note that this item only ships free to Contiguous United States. Does not include Hawaii, Alaska, or the other USA territories.

NO-CORE CHARGE (What is a core charge? It is basically similar to a bottle return money. You get charged the core charge upfront to make sure that you return the item so it can be used again.)

Rebuilt parts can vary in quality, and they usually cannot match the performance or longevity of a “remanufactured” one. In a number of cases, you will see both “new” and “remanufactured” parts offered for your sprinter. However, a remanufactured part may be the only choice which comes up sometimes, But a majority of the time NEW is better!!!!!

These are NEW Parts.





The Sprinter Power Brake package offers measurable brake performance improvements to Sprinter owners using OE factory brake calipers.

With over a Decade of experience installing and testing these systems at the Sprinterstore we have this Rare and Unique product that other “parts” distributors don’ t have. The experience of our Sprinter Van Master Techs can make difference with the improvment’s we have made with our specialized systems, Others just sell parts. We install and warranty all our products.

High performance BREMBO CERAMIC pad compounds are specially selected to provide an increased brake response and higher resistance against fade.

The HIGH CARBON – HIGH PERFORMANCE CUSTOM SPRINTEK cross drilled and slotted rotors provided better heat dissipation over OE rotors.

The steel braided flex lines add durability and a firmer response with reduced deflection under load.

All this provides you a safer and more confident driving experience with your Sprinter.

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BREMBO Non-Crossed Drill & Slotted, SPRINTEK USA Crossed Drill & Slotted


2002-2006, 2007-2018 2WD, 2015-2018 4×4, 2019+


2500, 3500

1 review for Brembo – Sprinter Van Power Brake Package – FREE SHIPPING

  1. Michael Leonard

    I found the new upgraded brakes to feel slightly stiffer with more pedal pressure than the OEM. I personally waited until I had almost 50,000 miles on my original brakes before I had the upgrade. I am glad I did this as the bang for the buck is not there if you have new OEM brakes and are replacing the new OEM’s for the upgraded brakes. My Sprinter is actually an RV (Airsteam Interstate) and is quite heavy due to all the conversion equipment, i.e., fridge, bed, gallery. I wanted the best brakes I could get as I was preparing to go on a 10 week, 9,000 mile road trip. I am about half way through the road trip as of this writing.
    I feel the stopping power is definitely better but they still have that spongy feel even though slightly stiffer with more pedal pressure. I’ve had a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Service manager take it for a test drive for another issue and he commented the brakes were the best he has felt. I told him I had just had them upgraded.

    Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to have another set of upgraded brakes put on when my current set wears out. Reason why: giving the weight of my vehicle and the long distance that I drive it I want maximum stopping power. Want to keep my family as safe as possible.

    On the down side it throws off more brake dust than the OEMs. A brownish red dust covers the wheels and tires with the ceramic pads. This was very weird as I have other vehicles that I’ve had ceramic pads on and they all have drastically cut the amount of brake dust over the OEMs. Not sure why the opposite happened on this vehicle.

    Thank you,
    Michael L.

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