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Triflex Brake Controller for 1-4 Axles - Trailer Towing Safety Solution

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Take control with our cutting-edge brake controller designed for responsiveness and adaptability. The triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer is paramount, ensuring smooth stops with unparalleled responsiveness. Unique to our system, the third axis adapts dynamically, adjusting power when you're ascending or descending hills. With nine levels of sensitivity, it caters to diverse loads and driving conditions, granting you absolute command. Our controller champions ease-of-use, with automatic leveling and calibration, doing away with tedious setup processes. The digital display offers granular insight, showing power adjustments in detailed 0.1 increments. Safety isn't an afterthought: built-in reverse-polarity, short-circuit protection, and indicators for 'low voltage' and trailer disconnect ensure a worry-free journey. Despite its prowess, it's user-friendly, with compatibility across various systems, versatile mounting options, and a plug-and-play installation via a vehicle-specific harness.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Adaptability: Third axis provides dynamic power adjustments on hilly terrains.
  • Comprehensive Display: Digital readings give precise power adjustments in 0.1 increments.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with low-volt, PWM, ABS, cruise control, and electric over hydraulic systems.