ProMaster 2013+ Rear Door Ladder with Optional Tire/Box Rack Mount

$1,400.00 - $1,925.00
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When it comes to maximizing the storage potential of your Promaster vehicle, Aluminess offers the perfect solution with their all-aluminum Rear Door Ladder. Whether you have an Aluminess roof rack or simply want to store bulky items on your Promaster's roof, this ladder provides easy access and secure storage options. Installing the ladder is a breeze as it bolts directly into the factory door hinge locations, eliminating the need for any drilling. Plus, it comes with a limiting strap to ensure that the door stops without making contact with the side of your van. By choosing the ladder/combo kit, you can mount a storage box or spare tire onto the ladder with ease, thanks to included clamp-on posts, a tire mount, and three auxiliary steps that ensure a comfortable climb past your tire/box to access your roof.

Key Features:

  1. Sleek Design: The ladder is powder coated in black, adding a stylish touch to your Promaster while offering functionality.
  2. Easy Installation: No need for drilling; the ladder bolts directly into your Promaster's factory door hinge locations.
  3. Compatibility: The ladder is designed to work seamlessly with back-up sensors and can accommodate a RotopaX Mounting Kit. It also includes a license plate relocation kit for added convenience.

Please note that the passenger side box rack and box are sold separately.

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