Rear Door Vertically Integrated Bike Rack System – Universal

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Upgrade your Aluminess Sprinter or Transit Base Unit to accommodate two 1-Up Bike Trays with our convenient and comprehensive Vertical Mounting Kit. This kit includes all the essential parts and hardware required for a seamless installation, allowing you to securely mount your bike trays in a vertical orientation. Additionally, it features a pull-down handle for easy and efficient closure of the upper support on your bike rack. Whether you're an avid cyclist or enjoy occasional bike rides, this kit provides a versatile and space-efficient solution for transporting your bikes, making it a valuable addition to your outdoor gear setup.

Key Features:

  1. Vertical Bike Tray Mounting: The Vertical Mounting Kit enables you to securely mount two 1-Up Bike Trays in a vertical orientation on your Aluminess Sprinter or Transit Base Unit, optimizing your storage space.
  2. Pull-Down Handle Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of a pull-down handle included in the kit, making it effortless to close the upper support on your bike rack, ensuring your bikes are securely fastened.
  3. Hassle-Free Installation: This kit comes complete with all the necessary parts and hardware, ensuring a straightforward and efficient installation process, so you can hit the road with confidence.

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