Sprinter Dirt Dodger Spray Skirt Pair: Ultimate Mud & Splash Protection for Your Van

TWNS-88-Sprinter-Dirt Dodger-Spray-Skirt
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Do you often find your Sprinter's side splattered with road spray, mud, and grime, especially when you've upgraded to larger tires? Introducing the Dirt Dodger's - our answer to this persistent problem. These robust attachments, designed to fix at the base of your door, act as shields against road debris ensuring your Sprinter remains clean. Additionally, they double up as bumpers, offering protection against accidental nudges during tight parking situations.

Key Features of the Dirt Dodger's:

  • Effective Protection: Specifically designed to combat road spray and muck, ensuring a cleaner Sprinter side.
  • Dual Functionality: Not only keeps your van clean, but also serves as a protective bumper against parking mishaps.
  • Perfect Fit: Tailored for Sprinters with larger than stock tire and wheel combinations.

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